Branding: Entries by RBMM from Texas, USA

The above branding design was entered to our current Branding7 competition by Garrett Owen of RBMM, located in Dallas. Designed for client SushiNomi, the “goal of the logo was to have both unique and identifying aspects of the restaurant represented in a modern way.

RBMM makes “logos, identity systems, websites, digital campaigns, retail and corporate environments, printed collateral, packages, and even products. Most important, [they] make connections between people that become the things we all call “brands.””

The expressive branding design above is also an entry to our current competition that was submitted by RBMM. Designed by Aaron Bagley for client SMU, this campaign intended to “give the program an identity that upheld the fun nature of making while still referencing the pragmatic systems of learning and education.”

The Branding7 competition is still open for entries! Submit your work by Tuesday, March 13.

Author: Graphis