Nudes: Jonathan Knowles, Emy Kat and Erik Almas Showcase Humanist Wonder in New Works

In this week’s Nude Photography spotlight, Graphis shifts their attention to the United Kingdom’s Jonathan Knowles, France’s Emy Kat, and the United States’ Erik Almas.

The prolifically talented Jonathan Knowles is featured yet again in this week’s nude feature. His latest entry, Bodyscapes (ABOVE), details the human body’s inherent connection with the landscape that surrounds us. The contours and luminosity of the body resembles that of a mountain range, glistening off the natural light coming from the moon and stars. It’s an enchantingly haunting series, one that has a prominent underscore of humanist environmentalism attached to it.

Nudes   Nudes

Erik Almas Nude Series 1 (LEFT) anachronistically paints an image of the delicate yet vulnerable female body. It is celebrated here in a style that is reminiscent of the mid 20th century, invoking imagery of Hollywood starlets and celebrities, while also working to unravel the conventions that kept them locked in rigid states of existence.
Emy Kat of France reconfigures religious feminist rhetoric via her modernist nude piece Eve’s Redemption (RIGHT). The overlapping images of Eve’s internal struggle between her beliefs and her desires is showcased in an arrestingly thought-provoking manner that invokes religious works from 15th century Masters. And while the High Renaissance period showcased baroque works that were as ornate as they were detailed, Kat is able to firmly and unapologetically bring that same sensibility into the 21st century without the glib excess that religious paintings and imagery are known for. 
It isn’t too late for you to see your work up here too! Submissions for Graphis’ Nudes 5 Competition run till July 3. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!
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