Advertising: Winning Work from hufax arts, hakkeyoi Co., Ltd., and SenseTeam

Graphis honors the work of hufax arts‘ Fa-Hsiang Hu, hakkeyoi Co., Ltd.‘s Art Directors Hiroshi Miyagawa and Takuma Koga as well as SenseTeam‘s Hei Yiyang.

Graphis is proud to present in this week’s advertising spotlight the works of Taiwan’s hufax arts whose Art Director Fa-Hsiang Hu has worked tirelessly to create a campaign for China University of Technology to entice new students to enroll into their Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design. The platinum award-winning poster (ABOVE, LEFT) uses alluring color schemes and perpendicular angles to accentuate detail above all else. China University of Technology praised hufax arts efforts, proclaiming that the campaign helped “establish a better professional image of China University of Technology Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design.”
Japan-based firms hakkeyoi Co., Ltd. presented an equally compelling project for their client Recruit Communications Co.,Ltd (ABOVE, RIGHT). As Art Directors Hiroshi Miyagawa and Takuma Koga explain, “the advisor is a reliable person. We compare the advisor, a reliable business partner, to the “Samurai” as the helper.” The result is a platinum-winning typographic heavy design that anachronistically brings the past into the present, promising to push forward to the future.

SenseTeam‘s Hei Yiyang (ABOVE) is also featured in this week’s advertising spotlight, who has concocted an arresting Fashion Week concept film that demonstrates colorist aesthetics, presenting “the connection and penetration between Fashion and Art.”
But don’t fret about not having your work showcased here! There’s still time to enter the Annual Advertising Competition. Submit your work by Tuesday, July 3 for a chance to have your campaign published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!
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