Graphis Master: Morten Throndsen

Graphis is proud to name Morten Throndsen this week’s Graphis Master.

Constructing a brand is a soulful process. Its arduous and emotionally taxing, a quality that Morten Throndsen lives and breathes in his tireless construction of a product’s image. Whether it’s a bottle of whisky or a prepackaged sausage, Throndsen approaches each and every project with the same dedication as the last. As Throndsen explains, “we believe in the ability of graphic design to engage people, to captivate them through visual storytelling and to develop enduring relationships by articulating emotionally relevant brand values and product messaging.” The Norwegian-based designer has made it no secret that narrative development is the most surefire way in which to captivate consumers and entice interest.
With an intimate team of 10 self-starters, Throndsen’s design firm, Strømme Throndsen, is dedicated to their clients full-heartedly. The award-winning designers and consultants are ambitious and demanding, showcasing a myriad of approaches that corresponds with their clients’ vision. From the whimsically bright work for a burger company to the refined elegiac efforts put forth for Oslo’s Stock Exchange, Throndsen is as eclectic as he is focalized. Be sure to see just why we named Throndsen a bonafide Graphis Master in his extensive portfolio here.
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