Nudes: New Entries from Vietnam’s Hậu Lê, Germany’s Astrid Susanna Schulz, and US’ Saritdikhun Somasa

Graphis proudly presents the tantalizing works of Hậu Lê, Astrid Susanna Schulz, and Saritdikhun Somasa in this week’s Nudes spotlight.

Photography celebrates all forms of life. After all, art is an imitation of life and vise versa. Therefore, it would make sense that one of the most arresting aspects of our lives, our own bodies, is often the subject of photographers. They intrigue us, bewilder us, overwhelm us. And to celebrate it artistically points to our humanist, anthropocentric viewpoints that we hold dear. It may be flawed, and it may be biased, but it is undoubtedly a reflection of ourselves, a quality that photographers Hậu Lê, Astrid Susanna Schulz, and Saritdikhun Somasa poignantly showcase in their works.
Vietnam’s Hậu Lê series, The Original Red (ABOVE), demonstrates the historiographic way in which we make the body timeless. Whether it’s the model’s static body or the photographers reconfiguration of Vietnam tradition,  has challenged notions of nude art, which according to the artist “has been a controversial topic, especially back in history.”

Nudes   Nudes

Astrid Susanna Schulz Self Portrait (ABOVE, LEFT) also utilizes anachronism as a means of presenting the old with the new. Wearing an old-fashioned swimming cap and a monochromatic aesthetic, Schulz harkens back to the days of mid-century synchronized swimming and beachside bikini protests.
The United States’ Saritdikhun Somasa‘s Buoyancy (ABOVE, RIGHT), while also focusing on the female form, instead focalizes on the mathematical side of it. In his own words, the artist explains, “I amplified the flow of geometric lines through the figure’s gesture. Even though, the figure pose was digitally altered, but natural appeal is maintained.”
It isn’t too late for you to see your work up here too! Submissions for Graphis’ Nudes 5 Competition run till August 7. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!
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