New Talent: Projects from Prof. Abby Guido’s Students at Temple University

Professor Abby Guido of Temple University guided students Shimin Li and Ben Bittner in this week’s New Talent spotlight.

Packaging is a delicate art form that is oft-overlooked. After all, for many it is simply the box that holds the contents that one seeks. It is mainly tossed aside, never to be seen again. But that makes light of the packaging’s ultimate goal which is to entice, cajole, and excite the consumer. It therefore is the first line of offense in the battle for a sale. Without a snappy packaging design, the product is doomed to sit on a shelf, never to be purchased. Thankfully, it seems that professor Abby Guido recognizes that, helping her students succeed in becoming hard-working and talented designers.
Ben Bittner’s project Covenant Mercies Packaging (ABOVE) showcases the dedication that Guido demands and ultimately instills in her students. The colorful design, coupled with the primary colors used ensures that it be a bright and tantalizing package that will leave consumers entranced by a simple toothbrush or a pencil. By utilizing simplicy, Bittner has managed to elevate the non-profit’s brand to new heights of excellence.


Shimin Li’s work, entitled Scars on my Heart (ABOVE), works tirelessly to demonstrate the utter brutality of the Nanking Massacre. Using design and packaging as her tools, Li manages to instill a humanistic view of the tragedy while also providing poignant historical notes, interviews, and photos. It’s a heart-wrenching work that uses modernist techniques as a means of pointing to the urgency of the issue.
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