Photography: Projects from USA’s Jeff Ludes and Michael Mayo

Graphis is honored to present Los Angeles-based Jeff Ludes and Michael Mayo of Dallas, TX as the focus of this week’s photography spotlight

To many, a car is as American as apple pie. It’s a symbol of freedom, of independence, of exploring the sprawling roads that cover nearly every square mile of this country. After all, it was right here in the states that the Model T car was pushed from its nascency to the mainstream. And it seems that that tradition is alive and well in America, as demonstrated by the illuminating photography from Jeff Ludes and Michael Mayo.
The memorable works from Ludes and Mayo showcase a dedication and a spirit of American mores, namely that of the automobile. While each approached their project from a separate ideological mindset, they each displayed their adoration for the car. Mayo’ Boys Toys (ABOVE) used a boy’s inherent fascination with the car to demonstrate that a man’s love for his car is not something that is picked up later in life but rather a quality that is instilled from childhood. It focuses on that touching moment in every boy’s life when they begin to grow ever fonder of what is essentially a big toy.


On the other hand, Ludes‘ project Challenger (ABOVE) approached the automobile as a sleek, dangerous, chic machine that harkens back to the days of Steve McQueen and James Dean. It’s a fantasy, one that is played out over and over in each man’s mind when they see DriveBullitt, and the original Italian Job. It’s a timeless look, one that the focus of the campaign, the classic Dodge Challenger, naturally fits to a T.
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