Nudes: Klaus Kampert (GR), Phil Marco and Peter Ogilvie (US) Use Human Contours for Inspiration

These photographers use the human body as a source of inspiration.

The human body is as much a canvas for artistic inspiration as anything else. Each one is different and unique to that individual. Nude photography relishes in that reality, allowing for a breadth of work to be born out of it. And photographers Klaus Kampert of Germany as well as American artists Phil Marco and Peter Ogilvie are seemingly knee deep in that pool of creativity.
Peter Ogilvie’s Nude Water Series (ABOVE) for Trend Magazine explores the relationship that the body has with fluidity. While we are of physical manifestation, we are indeed composed primarily of water. Over 60% of our body is water, making Ogilvie’s work an intriguing look into the relationship the body has with water. Much like our penchant for dance and festivities, water similarly takes on a role of vibrant frolic.
Phil Marco’s Untitled (ABOVE, LEFT) presents the body as a near deity. The body, sprawled on a canvased chair looks more akin to the work of a Renaissance-era Master sculptor than to the work of a photographer. The contrasting bright tones and dark shadows provides an almost angelic look that is both calming and pious in aesthetic.
Klaus Kampert’s Fine Lines (ABOVE, RIGHT) similarly uses contrast as a way in which to explore form. The gold-and-black lighting makes the body stand out in high detail amongst the drab, dark backdrop. The model’s muscular legs and refined body is focalized via the soft lighting that gives the skin a particularly alluring shine. As Kampert explains himself, “The bright and clear light lines lead to an exciting expression of the image though the woman in her calm and graceful pose is totally relaxed. [This is] an interesting contradiction.”
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