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Nudes: Klaus Kampert (GR), Phil Marco and Peter Ogilvie (US) Use Human Contours for Inspiration

These photographers use the human body as a source of inspiration.

Nudes: Photographers Phil Marco, Lennette Newell (US) and Klaus Kampert (Germany) Play with Moral Dichotomies

Graphis dedicates this week’s photography spotlight to the works of these fine photographers

Nudes: Entries from Gabriele Viertel & more from Western Europe

Gabriele Viertel of Eindhoven in The Netherlands shot the above photograph with a Canon 5D Mark II.    …

Nudes5: Photographs by Klaus Kampert

“The body is the shell of the soul.” Self-taught Photographer Klaus Kampert‘s stunning submissions to our current Nudes5…

Nudes5: Parish Kohanim, Howard Schatz & More!

The existence of nudes as an art form has long been part of human history. Photography brought…