Nudes5: Parish Kohanim, Howard Schatz & More!

The existence of nudes as an art form has long been part of human history.

Photography brought a whole new aspect to appreciating the emotional aspect and aesthetic of the human body in a realistic setting. While the erotic nature of nudes is latent, artistic nude art transcends in the photographer’s eye. Above is work from two Graphis Master Photographers. Parish Kohanim shot the blue balancing act photograph, and Howard Schatz of Schatz/Ornstein Studio took the black & white ballet photograph beside it.

The photograph above was shot by Klaus Kampert in Germany “to show exciting sculptural bodies in emphasized, clear, and representational form and with soft, sensual skin.”

Our Nudes 5 competition invites international photographers to submit their best artistic nude photographs.

The deadline is Tuesday, August 1, 2017, 11:59 p.m.

Author: Graphis