Typography4: Jonas Hecksher, Peter Bell & More!

Our Typography 4 competitions are still open for entries from around the world. Now’s your chance to enter either your typeface designs or your typographic designs.

The typeface above, titled “Fidelity Sans,” was created by Jonas Hecksher of PlayType Foundry. The poster beside it (right) was created by Peter Bell at Traction Factory for the ALS Association Wisconsin Chapter and the local Multiple Sclerosis chapter to raise awareness and funds at a Kentucky Derby viewing party. See below for more work.


The above (left) was created at the Savannah College of Art and Design by Melanie Prisco, Amanda McCall, Erin Williams, Heather Athey, Paige Firnberg, Chia Chong, and Jeff Catron for the SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film’s exhibition, “Embellished: Adornment Through the Ages.” The typeface design example on the right shows “Zapfino Regular,” designed by the late Hermann Zapf, in our grid.

Have an entry you’re sitting on? Submit it today and be among others on our website and in the Typography4 book.

Author: Graphis