Nudes5: Photographs by Klaus Kampert

“The body is the shell of the soul.”

Self-taught Photographer Klaus Kampert‘s stunning submissions to our current Nudes5 competition speaks to his ambition of photographing the human body expressing a balance of physicality and soul.

For the featured images, “White on Black” and “White Curves on Black,” left to right respectively, Kampert wanted to not only created images with stark contrast, but to also portray both models’ femininity and comfort in their own skin against the backdrop of oblivion.

Water Creatures” explore ways the body graces water in an intimate series of photographs. The submergence, contortions, and the tranquil nature of each picture evokes a sense of harmony and of something natural in the substance of our being, calling back to a time immemorial.

Nudes 5 competition ends on August 1, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Submit your entries here.

Author: Graphis