New Talent: Professor Eileen Hedy Schultz

The School of Visual Arts has been a long-time contributor to Graphis’s New Talent Annual competition. Under the direction of graphic arts professor Eileen Hedy Schultz, many of her students have churned out astounding pieces of work.

Above is an entry (left) created by her student, Soo Yul Yang for their mock client, Cirque du Soleil. It won a Gold Award in the New Talent Annual 2016 competition. The entry beside it (right) also won a Gold Award in New Talent Annual 2016 and was designed by Edmund Lee for the Type Directors Club.
Above is a new entry created by Eileen Hedy Schultz’s student, Tamara Yakov: a cover redesign of Agatha Christie’s most famous work And Then There Were None, where the fishing line and hook symbolize the luring of eight people to an island, the red for the murders, and the chosen white font for “none” for the empty space left at the end of the novel.
The deadline for the New Talent Annual 2018 competition is around the corner! The deadline is Tuesday, October 31, 2017.
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Author: Graphis