Typography4: Söderhavet, Next Brand & More

Our Typography 4: Type in Use and Typeface Design competitions are still ongoing. If you are passionate about type, we urge you to submit your work for consideration!

The entry above (left), titled SF Bio Sans, was designed by Söderhavet in Sweden. It is “based on a cinematic legacy, combining the notion of neon lights and glamour, but with a contemporary twist, always keeping SF Bio’s DNA in mind.” The entry beside it (right) won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2017. It was designed by Lee Selsick of Next Brand in Australia for their client, The Opera House. See below for more!
The left entry won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2017. It was submitted by Thiago Lacaz and was designed for his client, Quintavant/Audio Rebel. The right typeface is called Vincenza Display and was designed by Kyle R Thompson, a modern and elegant looking fashion typeface with the foundry The Rare Form.
There isn’t much time left to submit work to the Typography and Typeface Design competitions! The deadline is Tuesday, August 29.
Author: Graphis