Advertising: 14-forty, Cold Open & More

The Advertising Annual 2018 competition is still open for entries. Above and below are entries submitted to us from California.

Above is a Gold Award-winning entry from Advertising Annual 2015, submitted by Pam Patterson and Benjamin Nicolas of 14-forty. The ad was created for their client, Canon. Other entrants who submitted work from California include ARSONAL, Mullenlowe U.S., and Greenhaus. See below for more!
Above is an entry submitted to the Advertising Annual 2018 competition by Gardner Defranceaux of Cold Open. The ad was created for their client, Fullscreen, in order to promote their series, The Deleted. The ad beside it was submitted by Michael Vanderbyl of Vanderbyl Design for his client, A.Rudin., a Los Angeles-based family-owned business fabricating custom residential furniture.
The Advertising Annual 2018 competition has been extended! There are only a few weeks left to submit your greatest work and compete. The deadline is Tuesday, August 15.
Author: Graphis