Nudes: Entries from Gabriele Viertel & more from Western Europe

Gabriele Viertel of Eindhoven in The Netherlands shot the above photograph with a Canon 5D Mark II.


The photo above (left) is a submission to the current Nudes5 competition by Paris, France-based Photographer Emy Kat. Titled “Eve’s Redemption,” the image was shot with a Horseman 45FA. Beside it is a photo shot by Klaus Kampert of Duesseldorf, Germany. The photograph is titled “Lucretia, who is synonymous for grace, chastity and faithfulness in arts history.”

There are only a few months left to submit your work to the Nudes5 competition. The earlier you enter, the greater your chances of being featured on our blog, website, and social media platforms.

Author: Graphis