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New Talent: Syracuse University Modernizes Nationally Recognized Brands

Syracuse University propagates excellence in corporate culture with their tantalizing student work

Graphis Master: Brian Collins is Reshaping Branding in the 21st Century

Graphis is proud to present visionary designer Brian Collins in this week’s Graphis Master spotlight

New Talent: Socially Conscious Winning Works and New Entries from Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School presents some a new class of socially conscious inventiveness

Graphis Master: Prolific Israeli Artist Dan Reisinger Presents Unequivocal Brilliance

Graphis is proud to present Dan Reisinger as this week’s Graphis Master

New Talent: SVA’s Eileen Hedy Schultz, Tina Fong, and Carin Goldberg Inspire a New Generation of Designers

The School of Visual Arts continues to cultivate up-and-coming designers

Advertising: Tantalizing New Works From Milwaukee

The intriguing works from BVK and STIR showcase the Wisconsin city’s growing inspirational power

Graphis Master: Grupo daDá Showcases our Curiously Wondrous World

Graphis is honored to present Grupo daDá as this week’s Graphis Master

Advertising: Art Director’s John Fairley, Toby Edwards (UK), and Valentino Ristevski (Sweden) Present Excellent Work

Graphis is honored to present the works of these fine art directors

New Talent: Art Center College of Design’s Professors Brad Bartlett, Sean Adams, & Chris Hacker Hone Students’ Skills

Graphis is honored to showcase the works of professors Sean Adams, Chris Hacker, and Brad Bartlett and…

Graphis Master: Bart Forbes is as Americana As It Gets

The prolific illustrator and artist Bart Forbes is the subject of this week’s Graphis master spotlight.

Poster: Ariane Spanier, Gunter Rambow & more from Germany

Ariane Spanier of Berlin, Germany designed the above poster (left) for an art exhibition at the Kunsthalle…

Poster Annual 2017 CFE Submissions: Midwest, United States

     Above are submissions to the 2017 Poster Annual Competition from Howerton+White, based in Kansas, and…