Operatic Love and Oceanic Waves: Four New Posters for Poster Annual 2022

Do you prefer a night at the opera or a day at the beach? These four new posters for our 2022 Poster Annual explore and promote these topics and more!

Graphis Master Gunter Rambow gives us something to sing about with “La Serva Padrona / Stabat Mater” (above, left). Created as a promotional advertisement for the Frankfurt Opera, the black poster bills two operas by Italian composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. La Serva Padrona is a short play about a man and his maidservant, and Stabat Mater is a musical based on a 13th-century Christian hymn. The gray cross over the red heart hinders the love of the characters in both operas and invites the viewers to see the shows to find out what happens.

Straws are great for drinking with but bad for the ocean. Marlena Buczek Smith, an American graphic artist, makes that clear in “Straw Enablers” (above, right.) A turtle made from disposable plastic straws is taped onto blue construction paper. In the upper left corner is the tagline, “The Struggle for Proper Disposal.” Plastic waste poisons our sea life, and we are enabling it; Buczek Smith challenges us to cut down on and recycle plastic garbage.

Another ocean-centered poster is “Sea de Zee (See the Sea)” by designer Art Collart (above, left). Made for the Dutch children’s museum Villa Zebra, the poster publicizes their ocean-based art exhibit. The illustration is a collage made of clippings from the museum’s craft room and includes a poem written by one of the exhibit’s artists. By combining art with words, Collart’s work stimulates Villa Zebra’s goals to encourage the importance of stories, imagination, and curiosity.

You’ll want to dance to the beat of our last poster! Designed by American designer Nancy Miller, “Sounds, Spirits & Souls of Jamaica” was made for the 7th International Reggae Poster Contest. Entrants had to focus on how reggae and other Jamaican music are spreading globally, and Miller captures the spread with her inclusion of an American eagle and an African lion. At the same time, Miller acknowledges reggae’s roots by featuring the lush tropical leaves and big skies that Jamaica is known for.

The deadline for our Poster Annual 2022 is January 12th, so submit your entries here!

Author: Graphis

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