Food Spreads Get Folksy and Branding Brightens Up with These Packaging 10 Entries

Canadian designer Yurko Gutsulyak finds folk art inspirational for his food spread packaging for Olkom, while South Korean agency BRAND DIRECTORS lights up promotional packages for credit card service company KB Kookmin Card.

In Ukraine, food spreads are stigmatized thanks to contrary media information and a market full of low quality “fake butter.” Olkom is changing those perceptions, starting with its packaging for “Olkom Spread.” Gutsulyak combined a “milky” countryside aesthetic with a modern take on Ukrainian folk crafts for a cross-cultural look. Throw in a blue color palette not typical for spreads, and you have some standout, innovative packaging.

Credit card issues are never fun, but these marketing tools sure are! Using the theme of “Friendly, Warm, and Visible,” BRAND DIRECTORS developed a lemon yellow and soft gray “Promotional Package of KB Card,” consisting of fun items like a reusable coffee cup and ballpoint pens. While the packaging may look simple, the functional shapes and use of a small edge point technique makes the colors the star, creating a design that gives KB Kookmin Card a sense of familiarity and friendliness that welcomes new customers.

Don’t forget to enter your submissions here to our Packaging 10 competition. The deadline is January 21!

Author: Graphis

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