Turning the Old New: New Talent Annual 2022 Entries

A Dynamic Teaching Duo: Dong-Joo Park and Seung-Min Han Featured in Graphis Journal #370

These Posters Have a Voice: Protest Posters 2 Entries

Bold Brothers: Daeki & Jun Featured in Journal #365

Food Spreads Get Folksy and Branding Brightens Up with These Packaging 10 Entries

Silky Scarves and Pizza Pie: Two New Talent Entries from ArtCenter College and Texas A&M University

Protest Posters from Rick Simner, Kit Hinrichs, Kelly MacArthur, and Dongjin Choi Spread Awareness and Promote Change

PPK, USA and FBC Design Strike Gold With Advertising Posters, and New Video Entry from Brand Directors.

New Graphis Design Annual 2021 Entries from Gottschalk + Ash (CH) and Brand Directors (KR)!

Seung Min Han’s Rabbit Design and Matthew Clark’s Baseball Stamps Celebrate the East and the West!

Exciting New Entries to our Poster Annual 2021! Hoon-Dong Chung (KR), Mikhail Puzakov (RU), and Erman Yılmaz (TR)

Poster: New Entry From Youhei Ogawa, and Winning Work by ARSONAL, Daeki & Jun, and Chemi Montes