Dancing to the Beat of Silence: Hyobin Park Cancels Out Noise with the Art of Tradition

In a grand jete onto the global stage, Hyobin Park, a prodigious talent from Hansung University’s Design & Arts Institute (SK), captured a Platinum Award in the New Talent Awards 2023 with his rhythmically resonant print posters, aptly titled “Noise Cancelling.” Mentored by esteemed professors Dong-Joo Park and Seung-Min Han, Hyobin orchestrates a masterful dance between traditional resilience and contemporary design, creating a vivid symphony of silence amidst a cacophonous world.

His captivating performance of form and color interprets the timeless steps of traditional Korean dances, samulnori, seungmu, and hallyangmu, transforming them into visually striking narratives. In the spirit of these dances, which offered solace during South Korea’s tumultuous past, Hyobin invites us to participate in a global dance of “noise cancelling.” His work not only echoes the resilience and passion characteristic of South Korean culture but also presents a metaphor for the shared global experience of seeking peace amid chaos.

By: Hyobin Park

I’m Hyobin-Park, a student at Hansung University’s Design & Art Institute in South Korea who dreams of becoming a leading designer of this era. Before we begin, I’d like to thank Graphis for giving me this opportunity. I would also like to thank my talented professors, Dong-Joo Park and Seung-Min Han, who made my work possible. Their work greatly influenced me, and their guidance and teaching enabled my work to exist. 

“Noise Cancelling” begins in the world we live in now. Our world is experiencing numerous natural disasters, wars, discrimination, global economic crises, and inflation. As such, people everywhere need to get away from the “noise” for a moment.

In South Korea’s history, there have been numerous foreign invasions, natural disasters, and political turmoil. In those tough times, our ancestors momentarily forgot their troubles while watching traditional Korean dances. Traditional Korean dance feature not only dance but also music and spoken lines. The dynamic dance moves and exciting music also contain humorous criticism of politics. These dances served as a way for people to entertain themselves and forget the pain.

Just as there was a traditional dance that made us forget South Korea’s troubles, people now need to escape the world’s “noise” for a while. As such, I would like to introduce Korean traditional dance so that people worldwide can have some ‘noise cancelling’ for a while. That’s why I made these posters.

The poster was produced in three parts and features masters who have preserved and continued traditional Korean such as samulnori, seungmu, and hallyangmu. The characteristics of each dance, such as their remarkably restrained emotions, were captured and expressed. It also symbolizes the passion and spirit of South Koreans who overcame difficult times.

The posters have been seen by many people, and I want to continue promoting Korean traditional dance. 

Hyobin Park was born in South Korea in 2000 and was usually interested in dynamic design. Then he discovered the ultimate dynamic, Korean dance. Korean dance is restrained, rhythmic, calm, and vibrant. Korean dance has various stories for each dance, which is the spirit of Koreans during difficult times. He has tried to take the lead in promoting Korean dance by showing these elements with posters.

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Author: Graphis