Design Annual 2017

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Graphis is excited to announce the winners of the Design Annual 2017 competition! The full list of Platinum Winners includes: jones knowles ritchie, IF Studio, Keiko Akatsuka & Associates, ARSONAL, Zulu Alpha Kilo, Shine United, Daeki & Jun, SparKreative Limited, Kid You Not,
and Toben.

All entrants may pre-order Design Annual 2017 for $48 (60% off), or register for an Annual Subscription to receive it every year for $42 (65% off). Enjoy a complimentary digital version when you order the print copy.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! To submit to next year’s competition, click here.

Did you know? Graphis permanently archives Platinum, Gold, Silver and Merit winners, as well as other submissions that can total up to 500 entries.

Submit early to gain greater exposure and a possible blog promotion! 

Author: Graphis