Sound-Based Stamps + Furniture Fair Branding: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

Two teams of students team up to create a series of sound-based stamps, and one of the world’s biggest furniture fairs gets some retro-contemporary branding in this week’s new entries.

Creative collaborations can make amazing things. “Sounds of Seoul & Hong Kong — A Stamp Collection” (above) was designed by a group of students from the School of Design at PolyU in Hong Kong and Hongik University in South Korea, who worked together to research Hong Kong and Seoul and design a series of postage stamps. It was important that each team not only discover and determine one example of visual uniqueness that can be found in both cities, but they also had to graphically connect Hong Kong and Seoul by finding a coherent visual style that respects the uniqueness of each place. Thankfully, the student had a wide array of things to choose from, like a natural or geographical element, a fashion style or item, a music-related impression, and more.

The teams didn’t want the final product to be a cliche and predictable, so they passed up topics like traditional food and pop culture and instead focused on visualizing sounds to represent the hustle and bustle of the two cities. For example, the Hong Kong crosswalk signal is a very special feature to foreigners because it is so loud and quick. Another example is the South Korean subway melody, a distinctive soothing sound that all residents of Seoul can recognize. The choice of subject gave them room to explore abstract graphic representations, and the students settled on using simple shapes, gradient shading, black backgrounds, and an offsetting warmer and cooler color scheme. As a final touch, the set of stamps was printed together on a stamp card with an online website that showcases the graphics in motion with sound.

The Internation Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is the leading platform for the latest furnishing design in North America. With an emphasis on original and sustainable design, the fair presents a broad range of over 300 established and emerging design brands from more than 25 countries. Events help at the fair include panels, keynote presentations, and intimate conversations led by the most iconic names in the industry. Given it’s an important source of information and inspiration for product designers and architects, the ICFF needed branding to help convey its specialty among different furniture fairs around the world.

Claire Yuan Zhuang, a student from the School of Visual Art in New York and a design intern here at Graphis, made such a branding system as part of a school assignment. “International Contemporary Furniture Fair” (above) combines simple yet stylish block and line images and text with black, white, and olive green for a retro-contemporary visual solution. Letterheads, banners, business cards, tote bags, and more are part of the brand line, with the blocky logo at the center of it all. Zhuang’s type choice should be applauded; looking at the letters, one can easily see them as a bird’s eye view of futuristic couches or beds.

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Author: Graphis