Steve Sandstrom’s Skilled Designs are Featured in Journal #365

Graphis Master Steve Sandstrom is the executive creative director of Sandstrom Partners in Portland, Oregon. As the director of a world-renowned design firm, Sandstorm has worked with clients such as Tazo, Adidas, Sony Pictures, Levi Strauss, Coca-Cola, St-Germain, and Converse, along with many other companies. One of his main accomplishments is the rebranding of Tazo, an iconic tea brand. Some of the awards he’s received include the One Show (Advertising, Design, and Interactive), D&AD (London), Communication Arts, and Type Directors Annual, as well as some Graphis awards. He currently holds the co-vice chairman position for the board of directors of The One Club. 

His designs for “Bertoux Brandy” (above, left) and “St-Germain French Liqueur” (above, right), as well as “Stillhouse Packaging” (below) all encapsulate Sandstrom’s skill in branding. In the words of David Baldwin in Journal #365: “Steve’s design goes well beyond most people’s definition. He seems to create fully realized, educing worlds where the brand just fits in as if it always existed.” 

Check out an excerpt from our Q&A with Sandstrom from Journal #365:

You’ve helped many brands re-establish themselves. What is the most important thing when doing so?

Whenever I’ve had the chance to work on a once famous or iconic brand, I deeply feel the importance of the work as it relates to history and a potential future. To bridge the time when the brand was last great to the current and next generation, is to be done with respect and the enthusiastic energy of discovery. It’s like brand archeology. It is very gratifying to breathe new life and relevance into a brand that lost its way.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

Coming to the office with work to do each day.

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