Curl Up with Some Good Poster Annual 2022 Entries!

Happy New Year, everyone! To start off 2021, we have a group of four stylish new posters from our Poster Annual 2022 competition.

Made as an advertisement for an independent bookstore, Polish designer Patrycja Longawa combined an open book and a cat to create a cuddly chimera for “Alphabet second-hand bookshop” (above, left). Longawa’s color choices seem odd at first, with bright reds and deep purples instead of the soothing pastels more traditionally associated with reading. But these vivid tones work to energize the reader to both visit the store and read more books.

Sven Lindhorst-Emme of studio lindhorst-emme is looking forward to the next album by Swiss post-jazz quartet The Great Harry Hillmann, and thus created this promotional poster, “The Great Harry Hillmann” (above, right). Following two specific guidelines—the poster should be black and white and work on a small and big scale—the German designer went with a torn paper appearance that gives the piece some three-dimensional depth while still conveying important information about the album.

American designer Marlena Buczek Smith is calling out mankind’s “fragile heritage.” “Fragile Handle with Care” (above, left) shows a simple paper-wrapped package. A second look reveals the package is a small statuette of the Statue of Liberty, confirmed by a rip showing the tablet she carries. Meant to express solidarity concerning world tragedies, the poster shows that even great, powerful countries aren’t perfect and can potentially break down.

Our last poster is part of a collection submitted by Mexican designer Luis Antonio Rivera Rodriguez. Initially submitted to the Red interuniversitaria de Cartel, or Interuniversity Cartel Network, a contest hosted by a group of Spanish art colleges, “Road to Mictlan” (above, right) references the underworld of Aztec mythology, so it’s fitting the posters cover different topics related to death, such as environmental damage and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Poster Annual 2022 competition ends on January 12th, so submit those entries of yours now!

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