Tacos Get a Touch-up and Noodles Drive Us Crazy with Cuteness: Packaging 10 Competition

Jessica Do from Camp+King takes us to California with new packaging for fast-food chain Del Taco, while Tiger Pan, Qian Chi, and Meitao Ye of Shenzhen Tigerpan Packaging Design Co., Ltd. make adorable, vintage-inspired packaging for noodle company Luhua.

Asked to create a new advertising campaign and brand design refresh, Do made over sixty design touchpoints, which included store artwork, digital assets, and packaging. The “Del Taco Packaging Redesign” (above) includes several stylish factors, such as a clean background, SoCal inspired patterns and colors, and a bold but refined typography system. Thanks to Do’s hard work, Del Taco’s seen incredible growth in brand perception and an increase in online chatter!

The Luhua Group, famous for its noodles, recently launched its AUCA sub-brand for Chinese spices and cooking oils. “Luhua Aus&Can Classic” is inspired by 1980s Chinese food coupons; the cute koala bear driving the tractor conveys a reassuring sense of familiarity and creates a vivid, amusing scene that draws immediate attention to the brand. The layout is well-organized, with key info highlighted, and the clear wrapping film has plenty of room for the company logo.

The deadline for our Packaging 10 competition is January 21, so don’t forget to enter your submissions here!

Author: Graphis

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