Global Warming and Social Change: Four New Protest Posters 2 Entries

What are you protesting for in 2021? These four new entries for our Protest Posters 2 Competition tackling racism, global health, and climate change will give you more reasons to fight for what you believe.

Japanese designer Kei Sato’s poster “Global Warming” (above, left) features an abstract polar bear, an extremely vulnerable species thanks to global warming, that appears to be fragmenting and disappearing just like the ice they rely on. The words “global warming” are melting at the top, fading into the blue ocean background. Sato’s poster calls for active political and social change in combating our rapidly warming earth. 

Black Lives Matter” (above, right), created by American artist Arnaud Ghelfi, displays several ovular, ombre shapes forming the letters BLM. These initials are given meaning as the words “Black Lives Matter” are diagonally printed across the poster. The pink L in the center is also a heart, reminding us that many protests rely on the connection between people and the desire to do good for others.

Lookout : Lockdown” (above, left) by Jean-Benoit Levy was commissioned for a group called Creatives against Corona, a global campaign that’s produced thousands of posters from many international artists. Levy’s poster includes a figure with a white cloud for a head. The words “lookout” and “lockdown” are included, reminding us to keep our heads out of the clouds during this pandemic and keep others safe with lockdowns and social distancing. 

Hitoshi Miura’s poster “New Temptation” (above, right) has a hand grabbing an apple, a reference to the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. The temptation Miura refers to is our current climate crisis, with the hand representing our depletion of natural resources. The thumb is a snake’s head, indicating that if we continue to just take from our earth, the results will be fatal. It’s no wonder this poster was a winner of the Peru Design Biennale International Poster Competition!

The deadline for Protest Posters 2 is February 23, 2021! Submit your poster here.

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