Graphis Master Michael Glenwood’s Gorgeous, Illustrious Illustrations

Graphis Master Michael Glenwood, featured in Journal #364, is an American freelance illustrator. Known for merging bold concepts with classic illustrative techniques, his illustrations have been featured in magazines, books, corporate papers, and more. His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Creative Quarterly, 3×3, and American Illustration. 

His works “Museum Piece” (above, left) as well as “Annual Book and Ideas Fair” (above, right) encapsulate his style that balances both cleverness and minimalism to create utterly unique illustrations. The pieces “Unselected Sketch Taken to Final: 3 Book Reviewers Each List 10 Favorite Books” (below, left) and “Harvard University: White Collar Workers’ Fear of Automation” (below, right) further demonstrate Glenwood’s unparalleled skill. All four of these illustrations are featured in Journal #364. 

Check out an excerpt of Glenwood’s Q&A, also from Journal #364: 

What is it about illustration that you are most passionate about?

The ideas. I’m also passionate about visual style, but to me illustration is rooted in concept.

What is your work philosophy?

For years my motto has been “Illustration is 90% concept; the other half is craftsmanship.” Before anyone points out the obvious flaw in the logic, note that it’s paraphrasing a well-known Yogi Berra quote: “Baseball is 90% mental; the other half is physical.” The math may not add up, but the meaning is clear.

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