Check Out a Variety of Topics with Four New Poster Annual 2022 Entries!

One thing we love about the Poster Annual 2022? How entries like these cover all sorts of topics!

American designer Howard Schatz from Schatz / Ornstein Design created a promotional piece for Momix Dance Company. His finished poster, “Momix Dance Company” (above, left) features thirty different dancing figures in a grid. Each figure is in motion, creating a sea of dancers all elegantly performing. Schatz successfully demonstrates the skill and the diversity Momix is known for by utilizing a wide range of images. 

Meaghan A. Dee from Virginia Tech designed “To Not Speak is to Speak. To Not Act is to Act” (above, right) for AIGA Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women’s Vote. Her poster features a human Lady Liberty with the word “Vote” underneath her and intertwined with her flowing hair. The muted hues work with the patriotic stripes and stars to evoke a sense of historical remembrance. Dee’s poster celebrates the centennial of the passing of the 19th Amendment while additionally urging people to vote. 

The School of Visual Arts student Chaoqun Wang was tasked with making this promotional poster for Grace Farms. The poster, “Designing for Freedom” (above, left), advertises the chance for people to come together, brainstorm new ideas, and make designs that allow and promote equality and freedom. The typography and bold use of red, white, and black draw attention to not just the logistics, but also to the image of Grace Farms. 

Italian designer Sergio Olivotti expertly created this poster for the Festival Teatrale di Borgio Verezzi, a popular theatre festival that hosts an annual competition between different plays. Olivotti’s poster “Heaven/Hell_Comedy/Tragedy” (above, right) features several black and white figures in an optical illusion that both demonstrates the variety of performances and depicts traditional theater aspects such as comedy and tragedy. The logistics are similarly inverted, and overall Olivotti cleverly indicates that this festival has it all.

The deadline for our Poster Annual 2022 is tomorrow, January 12! Submit your entry here before it’s too late!

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