Music, A Memoriam, and More: Four New 2022 Poster Annual Entries

Take some time to check out these four new entries to our 2022 Poster Annual that range from an homage to music to an art exhibition advertisement. 

Pekka Loiri, the owner of Studio Pekka Loiri, created “Hommage Á Jan Rajlich” (above, left) to memorialize the prolific graphic designer Jan Rajlich. Loiri crafted this poster for the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Republic, home to the late Rajlich himself. This piece features a silhouette of Rajlich from behind, and the use of primary colors not only makes the figure pop but also references Rajlich’s pioneering design work.

Zweite Welle (Second Wave)” (above, right) by German designer Sven Lindhorst-Emme was the second poster made by Lindhorst-Emme’s own firm for the reopening of the Raum für Drastische Maßnahmen Gallery in Berlin. The bubble wrap signifies this reopening like it’s being unwrapped, with the grand unveiling represented by the top right corner’s visibility. Additionally, the bright pink makes the text pop from underneath the wrap. All in all, Lindhorst-Emme successfully draws attention to the gallery while also adding his own mix of minimal and realistic design.

Chong Veng “Eddie” Cheang, a designer for WREC Multimedia Production, designed “Are You Hungry?” (above, left) for the recording company Duality of Music. This poster features different snack foods representing universal music and audio streaming icons, such as “play” and “pause.” By utilizing these unconventional snacks to depict music, Cheang effectively demonstrates the duality of being “hungry” for good music and making it big that the client’s brand seeks to represent. This poster gives music a whole new taste! 

Our final poster is “Reaction” by Japanese designer Chihiro Otsuki under Diotop Design Firm. Created for artist Tachi Yoshimura’s solo exhibition, the simple black typography sharing the logistics of the exhibit is placed over the title of the exhibit, which is spelled out in large white letters. Behind both sets of text is a sketch of a wood-carved statue, emulating the art showcased in Yoshimura’s exhibit. 

Our 2022 Poster Annual is open until January 21, 2021! Submit your work here.

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