Celebratory Cans and Crunchy Cookies: Two New Packaging 10 Entries

Feast on these food-based Packaging 10 entries! PepsiCo Design & Innovation celebrated an anniversary with festive new cans, while Strømme Throndsen Design baked up some new pastry packaging for Unil AS.

Pepsi 60 Years Ltd Ed Cans” (above) celebrates sixty years of Pepsi in Russia with six limited-edition cans, each commemorating significant events from six decades. Their hope was to connect with the Russian consumers by using the Russian lettering system as well as to link each generation to the next. These cans also seek to further strengthen Pepsi’s role within Russian culture, while maintaining the iconic Pepsi brand, through their signature red, white, and blue color scheme. It’s no wonder that this nostalgic yet sleek design won a Silver 2020 New York Design Award. 

Designer Jana Hestevold, as part of Strømme Throndsen Design, created the new packaging for Eldorado Oatmeal Cookies in her entry titled “Eldorado Oatmeal Cookies” (above). Her design successfully uses earth tones and minimalist illustrations of nature to rebrand a classic childhood snack. Eldorado’s red logo boldly jumps off the packaging at the top. Similarly, images of the tasty treats are layered over the background to show that the cookies’ ingredients are natural and not overly processed.

Packaging 10 closes on January 26, 2021. Submit your entry today!

Author: Graphis

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