Forest Fires and Helping Health: 4 New Protest Posters 2 Entries

From forest fires to music, these four new Protest Posters 2 entries have it all. Read more below and think about what inspires you to protest. 

American designer Marlena Buczek Smith’s poster “WildFires” (above, left) features two orange hands intertwined, their fingers like roots of a tree. Along with the yellow background, the colors refer to the countless forest fires that have happened over the years due to climate change. Using arms to make a tree indicates how such fires are due to human-driven global warming, but the entwined limbs also hint at how working together can stop these frequent fires.

Mo” (above, right), designed by Australian designer Lee Selsick with studio Next Brand, was made for the digital audio studio The Opera House. Depicting Mozart with a funny mustache, the poster also includes the words “The Opera House Supports Movember and Men’s Health.” Movember is an annual event where men grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for issues like prostate cancer. Selsick’s clever play off of Mozart’s name creates a simple, meaningful poster. 

American designer Meaghan A. Dee created “Rise Up” (above, left) for The Determined, a design strategy and creative consulting studio dedicated to climate-focused projects. Designed for Earth Day 2020, this poster highlights the relationship between plants and the people who ‘rise up’ to help the planet. Her poster uses greens and pinks to create a delicate, beautiful reminder that anyone can do their part to fight climate change.

V vs V” (above, right), made for the Asean Digital Art Society, is by Japanese designer Hitoshi Miura. A blonde figure, reminiscent of John Gast’s “American Progress,” hides in a clam while prescription medication flows into a dark abyss beneath her. Angels point their bows at this ominous black cloud, ready to fight disease in the name of health. The shimmery colors, paired with the inky splotches, creates a beautiful psychedelic 3D element.

Our Protest Posters 2 Competition ends on February 23rd! Submit here before the deadline passes!

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