Steve Krug’s Passionate Food Photography Featured in Journal #365

Photographer Steve Krug, featured in Journal #365, has been a part of Toronto’s photography community for over twenty years. He’s shot both commercially and for editorial magazines, and while he skillfully photographs everything from products to architectural interiors, Krug is most known for his food and beverage images. In the words of Doug Cohen, “He’s a meticulous photographer and a visionary.” Currently, Krug is represented by Fuze Reps of Toronto and his studio, Krug Studio, is situated in Toronto as well. 

His photograph “Winterlicious” (above) was commissioned for the City of Toronto’s Winterlicious Food Festival and highlights his masterful photography of fine cuisine. Another piece of his, “Judith’s House Party” (below), shows off his ability to capture human composition as well. 

Read an excerpt from our Q&A with Krug below:

What advice would you have for students starting out today?

Practice listening, actually hear your clients, and stop at nothing to deliver an exceptional experience from the first meeting through to final delivery of images.

What are the most important ingredients you require from a client to do successful work?

A clear brief with stated goals, trust, and honesty, with a dash of risk-taking.

What has been your most memorable Photography project?

In early 2017 I shot an editorial-style promotion that allowed me to marry two of my greatest passions – fine dining and cannabis. In collaboration with 99th Floor NYC, we created a stunning visual storyline of an elevated private dining experience featuring infused gourmet food prepared by Chef Miguel Trinidad. We had a blast creating this piece with them and it brought in a lot of new business – it dropped at the dawn of legalization in Canada.

Who among your contemporaries today do you most admire?

Peter Beard’s work continues to amaze me, as does James
Nachtwey. I’m also super intrigued by the work Neri Oxman is doing with the MIT Media Lab, around art and architecture that combines design, biology and materials engineering.

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