Let’s Raise a Tasty Toast to These Two New Packaging 10 Entries

These two new Packaging 10 entries will quench your thirst! Three cheers to Studio Blackthorns can design for Spark! and Strømme Throndsen Design’s bottles for Reh Kendermann. 

Studio Blackthorns’ Ludovic Mornand designed “Vivid Prebiotic Beverages Good For Your Health Designed by French Creative Studio Blackthorns” (above), featuring six different can designs for each flavor of Spark!, a carbonated beverage full of plant-based fiber and prebiotics. Each design is vividly colored and composed of different gradients, which is juxtaposed by the brand name in classic typography. These cans are so beautiful, you won’t want to recycle them!

Morten Throndsen, Jana Hestevold, and Eia Grødal, under Strømme Throndsen Design, created six new bottles for a rebrand of a famous German wine label. “Black Tower Wine” (above) bottles are black on top yet transparent on the bottom, playing off of the label’s name. This new modern look stays true to the history of Black Tower while also offering a new, interesting way to view the delicious wine inside.

The deadline for Packaging 10 is February 9, 2021! Submit your entry here before it’s too late.

Author: Graphis

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