Awesome Art and Coffee for Corona: Four Entries for Poster Annual 2022

From art galleries to coffee beans, these entries for our Poster Annual 2022 cover anything you can think of! 

Polish designer Patrycja Longawa’s poster “In Podkarpackie Region” (above, left) promotes the Pastula Gallery of Contemporary Art. Longawa’s work has been displayed in over 160 exhibitions, and this piece is a testament to her phenomenal work in design and poster making. Her entry features a playful, hand-shaped rooster with a roll of paper. Beneath this image is the information for a new exhibition, written in sketchy typography that perfectly matches the rooster. 

Eduard Cehovin, with the Centre for Design Research, designed “Syncopation” (above, right) to promote Jazz in the Ruins, an annual jazz music festival in Gliwice, Poland. With its use of different shapes, colors, and layering over a predominantly black and white background, this piece mirrors the uniqueness of this festival; not only is it dedicated to up-and-coming artists, jazz, and improvisation but also it strives to connect graphic artists to music.

Canadian designer Selcuk Cebecioglu, under Ceb Design, created the poster “‘Do Your Part, Stay Apart’ Poster Design” (above, left) for At Origin Coffee, a specialty coffee shop in Toronto. His design uses earthy colors and organic textures to depict five coffee beans. However, the largest one resembles a face wearing a mask, which with the message “Do Your Part, Stay Apart” shows At Origin Coffee’s dedication to social distancing.  

Social Sharks” (above, right) by Bulgarian designer Ivan Kashlakov features a bunch of the iconic FaceBook “like” emoticons swimming in the ocean. The thumbs up resemble shark fins, symbolizing the harsh reality of social media’s takeover in everyone’s lives. A life preserver floating nearby the “social sharks” indicates safety is out of the water, suggesting our social media-obsessed society should take a break from the web.

Our Poster Annual 2022 now has a new deadline: Feb. 15th! Enter your work here, and check out other entries here!

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