Bold Brothers: Daeki & Jun Featured in Journal #365

Brothers Daeki Shim and Hyojun Shim co-founded graphic design studio Daeki & Jun, located in Seoul, South Korea, in 2014. Since its inception, Daeki & Jun has won over 100 design awards, including the Grand Prix at the Red Dot Design Award and the Judge’s Choice Award at the STA 100, as well as both Platinum and Gold Awards here at Graphis. 

Daeki & Jun is most notable for its combination of creativity and experimentation. “Fieldwork” (above, left) as well as “Book Club 01, 02: CENTER 2 CENTER” (above, right) exemplifies this unprecedented talent. These abstract yet simple designs are what make Daeki & Jun stand out as a studio. The pieces “Where 01: Multilingual” (below, left) and “Now & Here” (below, right) further demonstrate their unique style and fluid ability to play with type. All four of these pieces were featured in Journal #365.

Read an excerpt from our Q&A with the Shim brothers below: 

Where do you seek inspiration?

We often find inspiration from other fields such as technology, architecture, art, as well as philosophy. We are inspired by the various cultures we’ve experienced in our lives. For us, it means that we can be inspired from anywhere and everything. For example, we have been inspired by Nick Sousanis’s book “Unflattening” in recent years. Also, in the early 2000s, there was an exhibition for the architectural group Archigram at the Seoul Arts Center in Seoul, and we got a lot of inspiration from their work. We are also inspired by writings and exhibitions by designers such as Andrew Blauvelt and Ellen Lupton.

Read more about Daeki & Jun in Journal #365! And don’t forget to pre-order Journal #367.

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