Burning Bridges: New Protest Posters 2 Entries

These two Protest Posters 2 entries focus on unity and what we can do when undivided. From banding together to solve the climate crisis to supporting immigrants across all borders, these entries show the importance of group protest. 

Brazilian designer Udo Döhler’s poster “Save the Forests” (above) highlights the dire need to combat global warming; hundreds of thousands of acres of forests have burned away over the last few summers, causing devastation worldwide. Döhler’s work features the piece’s title in a playful font that juxtaposes the picture’s message. The matches not only symbolize the threat of fire but also demonstrate that once one has been lit, there’s no stopping the size and spread of the damage. 

Australian designer Paul Garbett’s poster “Bridges Not Walls” (above), originally created as a postcard, depicts a large, grey brick wall. A dotted line arc suggests a pathway to be cut along, creating a bridge-shaped hole through the wall. This piece highlights the need for unity rather than exclusion, and Garbett’s clever way of demonstrating how we can build bridges has received plenty of recognition, such as the Designers’ Institute of New Zealand Best Design Award. 

Our Protest Posters 2 Competition is open until February 23, 2021! Submit your work before it’s too late!

Author: Graphis

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