Jazzy Jars and Cans with Character: Two New Packaging 10 Entries

Stock up on these canned creations! Fire Wolf Design creates color-block cartoon jars while PepsiCo Design & Innovation shares fun sodas flavors with their grand, graphic can design. 

Designers He Minglin and Su Xiyu from Fire Wolf Design were tasked by the Chaozhou Municipal Government to create new packaging. “Chaozhou Sanbao Packaging Design” (above) features colorful, color-block detailed labels for glass jars that have a corresponding box. Each jar is inspired by products native to Chaozhou: for example, the blue jar is emblazoned with a cartoon image of kumquats. They’re so pretty, you’ll want to keep and reuse them for canning your own food!

PepsiCo Design & Innovation’s latest rebrand of “STUBBORN SODA Cans” (above) is yet another example of the company’s unparalleled design skills. Made from natural flavors and fair trade certified cane sugar, the designers used bold typography and colors to craft a flavor-forward story that reflects unique ingredient combinations like Agave Vanilla Cream Soda and Black Cherry Tarragon. These cans are so cool, you’ll want to crack open a whole pack!

The deadline for our Packaging 10 competition is January 21! If you haven’t done so yet, enter your submissions here!

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