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New Talent Entries Take the Ordinary and Make it Extra!

Student Sam Luo at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University and student Garrett Daniels at the Art…

New Talent: New Entry and Gold-winning Work by Professor Frank Anselmo and Students Josi Liang Matson & Seona Kim in Advertising Category

The Advertising section of New Talent 2020 has been receiving new entries lately! Looking back on past…

New Talent: Gold and Silver Winning Work from the Advertising Category

These impressive student campaigns in the Advertising category of New Talent 2019 really hit the mark!

New Talent: Gold-Winning Design Work by Fazel Sayeh & Seoyoung Lee

These Gold-winning design concepts show that the next generation is ready to enhance our landscapes.

New Talent: Winning Advert. Work by Syracuse University, The Newhouse School Students Y. Xiong, E. Bhayani & T. Peng

The advertising category of New Talent 2019 shows how professors are preparing their students for the big…

New Talent: Platinum & Gold Winning Advertising Work by Alana Vitrian, Minjeong Lee & Eunseok Park

The advertising category of New Talent 2019 was filled with wonderful mock campaigns by rising talents.

Texas Christian University

Professor David Elizalde and his student Emma Holland designed the above advertisement (left) as a class project for…