New Talent: Winning Advert. Work by Syracuse University, The Newhouse School Students Y. Xiong, E. Bhayani & T. Peng

The advertising category of New Talent 2019 shows how professors are preparing their students for the big leagues.

The students who participated in the New Talent 2019 competition are ready to take on the world of advertising. Three students from Syracuse University, The Newhouse School won major awards for their campaigns. Yuxin Xiong won Platinum for “Dorito Poster” (ABOVE, RIGHT), under the direction of Mel White & Kevin O’Neill. His characterized Dorito chips along with catchy copy were quite memorable. Emma Bhayani, with guidance from the same professors, won Gold for “Experts in Indulgence” (ABOVE, LEFT). Her use of an iconic painting amplified the precious and luxurious nature of the Ferrero Rocher brand. 
Another winner from Syracuse University, The Newhouse School was Ting Peng who received Silver for a Windex campaign called, “Isn’t Your Glass Clean Enough” (ABOVE). By taking away the obvious glass items (like a fish bowl, in the above example), we are convinced that Windex cleans so well, glass practically disappears. Seeing this wonderful concept that builds upon existing Windex campaigns, it is clear that Ting is headed in the right direction.

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