Design: Platinum & Gold-Winning Work by Fred Woodward/Pari Dukovic/Griffin Funk & Tom Farrell/Deklah Polansky

These Platinum and Gold Winners from the United States are quite inspiring and remind us how great design often comes from great collaboration.

Often, a Platinum-winning design is the result of a talented team, working together to create one great image or idea. That was the case for “America’s QB” (ABOVE) for GQ magazine. Design Director Fred Woodward worked with Photographer Pari Dukovic and Designer Griffin Funk to put together an exciting spread that makes use of a beautiful color palette and unique typography.
Another inspiring Gold-winning design, “Design To UNITE” (ABOVE, LEFT) was also produced from a strong team. Design Firm Studio Farrell created this poster for their client, DesignToUnite. Designers Tom Farrell and Deklah Polansky were the main contributors for this assignment which was meant to bring attention to a cause aimed at helping “Australia’s First Peoples.”
Last, but not least, is a new entry by Design Firm Sabri Akın called “Çürük” (ABOVE, RIGHT) for the Design Annual 2020 competition. The main contributor and illustrator was Jiayue LiSabri Akın described their entry as, “A poster design for a short film, Çürük [Rotten]. Çürük is a story of a family who faces livelihood challenges in the shadow of dense city life and pungent odors.” With a dense, textured illustration at the center of this black and white poster, is is no wonder the design garnered much attention within the Istanbul film scene.

Submit to the Design Annual 2020 competition by March 13, 2018. Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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