New Graphis Master: Mark Summers Featured in Journal Issue #360

One of our newest Graphis Masters strives to convey elegance in his illustrations, and the results are stunning.

Graphis Journal issue #360 features prolific illustrator, Mark Summers. Now a Graphis Master, Summers was kind enough to share his inspirations and processes with us in a Q&A interview, which is published in the Journal. In it, he speaks about his work philosophy as giving a project 100% until the deadline and that what he values most is “time to think.” His work is some of the best of its kind and has gained the consistent attention of our artistic community. Art Director David Harris wrote, “Look close and it’s difficult to believe that it’s the work of a human hand. He is both a true original and a continual source of inspiration. He is simply a virtuoso.”

Summers’ scratchboard illustrations are indeed unparalleled. What began with a desire to create portraits of people at the age of ten has resulted in years of work that he truly loves. We’re thrilled to call Mark Summers a Graphis Master and know you’ll find his feature in Issue #360 as inspirational as we did!

For more on Mark Summers and many other inspiring artists, pre-order Graphis Journal, Issue #360 here. All print issues come with a free digital copy!

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