Concept is King: Genaro Solis Rivero Featured in Graphis Journal #371

Renowned teacher and graphic designer Genaro Solis Rivero is featured in our upcoming Graphis Journal #371 (available for preorder), where he offers us pearls of wisdom from everything to his teaching methods to his design practice. 

Originally from Mexico, Rivero began his graphic design career twenty years ago at Equilibrio in Mexico City. He’s since then become an award-winning designer, and more recently assumed the role of a lecturer and educator at the School of Art and Design at Texas State University. Alongside his current teaching career, Rivero is also part of the creative leadership team at branding agency Legacy79. His personal motto, “Teaching what I love and loving what I teach,” has guided his illustrious career so far and is definitely a lesson we can all take inspiration from. 

Dimitry Tetin, an assistant professor and coordinator at the School of Art and Design, describes Rivero as “an engaged and dedicated teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort to his teaching practice.” He continues that “his student evaluations are consistently high in all areas, and his student outcomes are excellent.” Student Abigail Teets confirms that, saying Rivero’s classroom “is a place of honesty and encouragement. He demands the best from every student because he sees the potential in every student.” 

Here’s a snippet of our Q&A with the inspiring and beloved teacher: 

In a few words, how would you describe your experience as a design educator?

“One of my design mentors and friend used to tell me when I was in design school that design was all about searching and finding. Twenty years have passed, and this statement goes beyond design. I searched and found my passion: “Teaching what I love and loving what I teach: communication design.” Now that is how I describe my new passion for design education.”

How do you develop and raise your student’s visual and verbal standards?

“The participation and promotion of design competitions and design journals among my students have been great tools to promote excellence in their work, both verbally and visually. Design competitions and design journals not only showcase the best work in our industry, but they are great examples on how designers should write about and describe their work.”

With the semester’s end, what kind of advice do you give to the class?

“From the beginning to the end of the semester, I emphasize the importance of understanding and applying conceptual strategies to their work. Concept is king. Aesthetic preferences do not have room in design assessments. It is all about communicating, not making things pretty. Finally, I make sure my students understand that I am always available beyond the classroom and my official courses. This has allowed me to mentor and continue to help my students even years later after they graduate.” 

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