Introspection and Idealism: Poster Annual 2022 Winners & Poster Annual 2023 Entries

Whether they’ve won an award or are one of our amazing new entries, these posters are really making us think. With clever designs that perfectly encapsulate the designer’s idea, the likely success of these posters hold no bounds!

Our first poster, “Homage Milton Glaser” (above, left), was designed by John Gravdahl of the United States for BICéBe Bolivia. It was created as a way to commemorate the 91st anniversary of the life and times of the iconic Milton Glaser. Deserving of its Gold-Winner status, the poster uses fun typography honors to signify the great influence of Glaser on both his creative and professional descendants. The poster was a huge success, being a wonderful remembrance of Glaser’s life and accomplishments.

Another Gold Winner, “The Cell” (above, right), was designed by Yossi Lemel from Israel. In a very clever use of the homonym in the word “cell”, this poster depicts a cell phone with an image of a prison cell on the screen. This works as a commentary on how society has become prisoner to their cell phones and technology as a whole. Futhermore, the image is quite reminiscent of William Blake’s “London” in which he mentions “mind forg’d manacles.” The imprisonment of a cell phone as depicted in this poster is self-inflicted, and Lemel wants the viewer to question the current state of things with a thought-provoking design.

Finally, “Music Fare” (above) designed by Doris Palmeros for Peeler Farms to prepare for their upcoming Music Fare, which hosts a variety of local musicians at their multi-day event, along with chef-prepared food. Guests can enjoy a fresh meal while listening to their favorite local artists surrounded by beautiful scenery. The idea behind this event is to bring the community together through music and food, so Palmeros’ design relied on that imagery. The design includes multiple posters, each one meticulously and especially crafted with a customized graphic that combines music and farm icons to feature the specific event of the day. This serves as a way to celebrate the unique festivities found at Peeler Farms.

Feel free to come check out more of our masterfully designed posters at If these designs interest you, please give our Posters Awards Annual 2022 a look!

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