Sweet and Sparkling: Latest Packaging 10 Competition Entries

We’re coming back at you with some of our latest Packaging 10 Entries! These designs are artfully crafted and help complete both the look and feel for some truly special products. Read on to see what makes them so wonderful.

Heritage Bee Company” (above) was designed by Chad Roberts of Chad Roberts Design Ltd. in Canada for the Heritage Bee Company. As a company that specializes in raw, premium, and unpasteurized honey products, Heritage Bee Company stresses the importance of the preservation of bees and the vital role they serve in pollination. This is mostly done through what they call “Hive-hosting Programs”, in which consumers can host their own beehive and ensure that the bees (and their honey) are getting the very best care. These programs connect the customer to organic beekeeping and enforce the idea that bees need our help to avoid dying out, something that would be absolutely disastrous for our environment.

Because of Heritage Bee Company’s very deliberate mission, Roberts chose to go with a design that would feature the most important part of the company: the bee itself. With an image featuring a honey bee pollinating the wildflowers that surround it, the packaging also includes woodcut style illustration, custom drawn letter forms, and a bright color palette with hallmarks of craft tradition. These designs were used on jars of flavored cream honey, seed bomb pouches, and gift boxes. Roberts’ work was a huge success, as the client was in love with the design and even commented that they were “grateful to have partnered with this extraordinary team of super talented folks who understand design on a level we’ve never seen before.”

In a new twist on the recently popularized hard seltzer drink, “Hard Rock Hard Seltzer” (above) has created flavors that are being compared to their own special form of rock and roll. Designed by Glenn Sagon and Colin Johns of Sagon-Phior in the United States for Hard Rock International and the Broad Street Licensing Group, this packaging design is gearing up for its 2021 launch. It should be quite interesting, as the drink is the first of Hard Rock International’s hard seltzers and the first food and beverage product to be licensed by Broad Street.

In their design, Sagon and Johns were instructed to create something that would redefine the typical hard seltzer that was more in tune with the exciting and energetic lifestyle brand of Hard Rock International, like making people think of their flavors as a variety of their favorite rock and roll music. However, in order to practice what they preach, Hard Rock teamed up with Stewarts Enterprises, Inc. to master the flavor of the drink, as they have never made anything quite like it. Sagon and Johns created a design that matches the love rock and roll fans have for their music, and makes the slogan of the drink more than just words: “It’s like music for your mouth.”

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