Tchaikovsky and the Final Frontier: Latest New Talent 2022 Entries

Today’s New Talent 2022 entries respectively capture the futurist and constructivist art movements, two polar aesthetic entities that, despite their differences, are united through their common use of groundbreaking and unconventional design practices. 

In “Mount Wilson Observatory” (above), student Gwen Geng from the ArtCenter College of Design honors Southern California’s Mount Wilson Observatory, a pioneer in astronomical research and an integral asset in our unfolding understanding of the universe. With the help of professor Brad Bartlett, Geng was able to create a design series across both print and digital mediums with a unanimous visual identity encapsulating it all together.

She explains that the design “embraces the particle and wave duality that is inherent to the movement of information through our universe” and is “reminiscent of the microscopic particle and the macroscopic celestial body.” Her logo mimics wave frequencies that orbit our galaxy through fluid geometric shapes, and her color palette relies on a triad of purples, greens, and grays to elicit a robust sci-fi identity. The end result is a dynamic, futuristic series of work that honors both the science and natural beauty behind our universe, composed of infinite atoms, galaxies, and new discoveries. 

On the other hand, student Emily Murray at the School of Visual Arts relies on constructivist aesthetics to make Tchaikovsky come to life in “The Nutcracker Album” (above). As part of an assignment for professor Justin Colt, Murray was tasked with designing an album package that combines a design movement with a music genre. After deciding to combine the Russian Constructivist movement with classical music, Murray opted to create a vinyl for Tchaikovsky’s legendary ballet. 

She explains that her focus was on “the directionality and movement of the Constructivist movement” and that her approach drew inspiration from the movement’s limited color palette. She uses “a combination of black and yellow rather than the traditional black and red” to make the piece feel more modern and unique, and the end result is a charming vinyl cover that simultaneously honors the traditional cubic aesthetic of constructivism and the modernity of recent graphic design. 

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Author: Graphis