New Talent Entries Take the Ordinary and Make it Extra!

Student Sam Luo at The Newhouse School at Syracuse University and student Garrett Daniels at the Art Center College of Design each created designs for the New Talent Annual 2021 competition that showed us beautiful and unique interpretations of everyday life around us. 

Sam Luo, under the supervision of Professor Mel White, was tasked with creating a print campaign for Oral-b Glide floss that shows its benefit of getting all the way down to the deepest spaces in between your teeth and inside of your gums. Luo, titling their campaign(above), “Go in deep,” chose to show us just how easily Oral-b Glide floss slides in between teeth gaps via visual metaphor. The use of the metaphors created stunning, picturesque advertisements for all to see. 

Garrett Daniels, and the supervision of Professor Owen Freeman, was assigned to listen and interpret the 1950’s radio special, “Mars is Heaven.” With their interpretation in mind, they were instructed to create three key frame moments of the story. The image depicted (above) is one of those key frame images, that they titled, “Mars is Heaven.” Daniels approached the project wanting to marry the 1950 Buck Roger-esque aesthetic with a more eerie Mars landscape in order to make the image feel eerie, empty, and unsettling.

Enter your extraordinary designs to the New Talent Annual 2021!!

Submissions close October 20!!

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