New Talent: Gold-Winning Design Work by Fazel Sayeh & Seoyoung Lee

These Gold-winning design concepts show that the next generation is ready to enhance our landscapes.

The New Talent 2019 Competition allowed students to show their best design work to their peers and to professionals around the world. Art Center College of Design student Fazel Sayeh won Gold for his work, “Transforming a Persian Geometric Pattern Into a Western Visual Language” (ABOVE). His advisors Sean AdamsSamantha Jan Fleming and Nikolaus Hafermass helped him develop his concept that drew inspiration from Eastern visual culture. He offered his approach: “During my research process where I studied and formally investigated Eastern visual motifs, I focused on Persian geometric patterns. They are structured and rooted in mathematics, which shares similar principles in Western graphic design practices, specifically the nature of grids.” This research certainly paid off and we were happy to present Sayeh with a Gold award.

Another Gold-winning design “HERE Art Center” (ABOVE) by School of Visual Arts student Seoyoung Lee brought flexible type to a theater with different stages and theater settings for various performing arts. Working with Professors Courtney Gooch & Paula Scher, a contemporary design was created to represent the ethos of HERE Art Center. One could imagine the theater adopting the designs today, which proves the professionalism that Lee possesses. And, of course, like all the student work we receive, it proves just how important great design professors and advisors are to the next generation. 

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