Poster: International New Entries by Y. Ogawa, K. Hinrichs, Y. Cao & J. Machado

These new entries in the Poster Annual 2020 competition promote the best that the arts have to offer.

As we approach tomorrow’s final deadline for the Poster Annual 2020 Competition, it is wonderful to see entries coming in from around the world. From Japan, Youhei Ogawa submitted “Nho Oharagoko” (ABOVE, LEFT) which was designed to promote a Noh theater event. The poster captures the spirit of Noh while providing information for viewers in an visually enticing way. From across the ocean, Kit Hinrichs submitted his work, “San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair 2019 Poster” (ABOVE, RIGHT). He explained, “[This] poster is the 5th in a series of interpretations of the letter “A”. This time, the Antiquarian “A” is a collage of book-covers, ephemera and historic antiquarian imagery.” It is certainly a unique and beautifully executed poster, bringing awareness to an exciting event.
Next, João Machado of Portugal submitted, “El Chango” (ABOVE, LEFT) in tribute to the late Ernesto Cabral. By replacing oars with colored pencils, it aptly depicts the life of this important Mexican cartoonist and painter. And, in keeping with the representation of the arts, China’s Yvonne Cao submitted “Center of Dance” (ABOVE, RIGHT). In it, only the legs and arms of the ballerina are present. The title, “The Center of Dance” essentially replaces the dancer’s “center,” or torso. It is a contemporary poster with interesting use of photoshop and typography.

Submit to the Poster Annual 2020 Competition by the FINAL deadline TOMORROW, February 26, by 11:59pm! Winners will have the opportunity to see their work published on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!

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