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New Graphis Master: ARSONAL Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #357

Our Newest Graphis Advertising Master ARSONAL was featured in Graphis Journal Issue #357

Graphis Master: Peter Kraemer Continues to Render Us Speechless

Graphis Master Peter Kraemer creates intriguing renderings of everyday objects and their inner mechanisms.

New Graphis Master: The Richards Group, Featured in Graphis Journal Issue #360

The Richards Group is recognized as one of the largest independent ad agencies in America. 

New Graphis Master: Sagmeister & Walsh, Featured in Journal #360

Sagmeister & Walsh, featured in Graphis Journal Issue #360, was recently named Graphis Master!

New Graphis Master: Mark Summers Featured in Journal Issue #360

One of our newest Graphis Masters strives to convey elegance in his illustrations, and the results are…

New Graphis Master: Bailey Lauerman Ad Agency, Featured in Journal #359

Mid-western Advertising agency Bailey Lauerman has a straightforward approach. They deliver clean, beautiful campaigns to major clients…

Graphis Journal Issue 360 Profiles Prolific Photographer Howard Schatz

Journal 360 features Graphis Photography Master Howard Schatz

Journal #359 Featuree: Ad Agency Doner Is Always Willing to Make Bold Statements

Doner, the acclaimed Ad Agency run by President/CEO David DeMuth, gracefully uses bold imagery and copy to…

Graphis Master: Hoon-Dong Chung’s Philosophy on Balanced Design

Hoon-Dong Chung spells out his design philosophy in Graphis Journal 358

Graphis Master: Nick Knight Shares the Performance in His Process

Nick Knight’s Q&A in Issue 357 of the Graphis Journal gave readers a glimpse into why he…

Call for Freelance Writing Submissions!

We’re excited to announce that we’re opening up our blog to freelance writing and photo journalism submissions!

Graphis Master: Paul Sych

Above and below is some of the incredible work created by Graphis Design Master Paul Sych. The Mississauga,…